Will it void my warranty if I don’t have my new car serviced by the dealer?
No not at all. We are authorised to stamp and sign your logbook.

How long does a roadworthy certificate last in Queensland?
Roadworthy certificates issued in Queensland are valid for 60 days.

Can I get a quote?
Yes, we will give you an estimate for repairs. Upon dismantling if there are any further concerns we had not envisaged we will contact you to explain and recommend the most viable option.

Can you give me a lift?
Yes by appointment after 8:30am within the local area.

Can I drop my vehicle off after hours?
Yes, we have an early bird key drop off.

Do you remind me when my service is due again?
If it has been 12 months since your last service and you are a regular customer we may contact you to remind you your service is due.

Can I get my car back the same day?
Yes whenever possible, however, if the repairs required or the parts to be delivered take longer we will advise you in advance.

Can I wait for my vehicle?
Yes we have a waiting room with TV and air-conditioning.